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START AgriTech Scale Up
Application Cohort #2

Selection committees:
January 2024

In-person Cohort #2:
March 18th-22nd, 2024, Utah, USA

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Calling all market-ready

AgriTech startups to apply!

Accepted startups will attend the program in Israel, one of the world's largest producers of unicorn tech companies and "A global leader in agriculture" Tony Blair Institute for global change.



A business-focused program connecting seed to A-round startups with investors, partners, and clients.


Participating startups will gain access to:

  1. Meetings with active international investors

  2. Exposure to global Industry corporates
  3. Meetings with government officials from over 10 countries 

  4. Pilot and R&D opportunities

  5. Meetings with representatives from commercial farms

  6. A spot to present at the program's expo and pitch event in Tel Aviv's business district, the heart of the Israeli Startup Nation

Frontier agriculture fields


Who you will meet in the program?

Program partners, supporters, and meetings:

International corporates and leading investors such as Arieli Capital, Sharenett (New York-based multi-family office), Ramat HaNegev R&D Center and Regional Council, Haifa Group, APM Law Firm, Israel Export Institute, Bird Foundation, Microsoft for Startups, DeserTech by Mirrage, Growing IL, AquaculTech, Startup Nation Central, Italian Chamber of Commerce, Rockstart, Sapir College, officials from over 10 different governments, and many more.


Frontier agriculture drone technology

Who should apply?

  1. Agritech startups from all countries are welcome

        *Extra interest in plant health, plant nutrition, smart farming, robotics, and automation ​

    2. Market-ready, seed to round A stage with working products

        *Extra interest in startups with existing paying clients and market validation

    3. Startups that have raised capital/professional funds/grants

    4. Experienced team

Frontier agriculture researchers

Startup Application Cohort #2

Technology readiness level
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Thank you for applying!

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