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Frontier provides growth-stage tech companies with the tools they need to go from seed to success:

We combine the agricultural knowledge and experience gained at Ramat Negev Agro Research Center (Israel), with the capabilities of Arieli Capital - a global holding and investment company leading international innovation programs and managing an international network of business contacts.  

Together, we provide comprehensive support to groundbreaking entrepreneurs in agro-climate technology.


Access to capital

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Diverse Beta sites and
field trials for agritech pilots

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Research support from agronomists and tech experts

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Venture building

mentoring and consulting

Our Mission

To lead the development of early-stage agritech companies on a national and international level by accelerating the translation of cutting-edge research into meaningful products and services that can enrich people’s lives locally, nationally, and globally.

Frontier is an agro-climate innovation hub promoting cutting-edge innovations that generate food security worldwide. 

Leveraging Israeli expertise and global leadership in agriculture and water technologies, Frontier is a pioneer in technology solutions to vital challenges facing humanity such as food security and climate-sustainable agriculture.

Frontier's goal is to locate, validate and scale innovative ventures in areas of significant impact on society and the environment:​ agritech, water-tech, climate, and sustainability.


We're on the lookout for solutions

We seek solutions that lead to optimal productivity, protect the environment, raise the quality and quantity of agricultural produce, and can promote the global agriculture industry. 

Together, we believe that we can make a real impact:


Healthy and affordable food


Fresh air, clean water, healthy soil and biodiversity

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