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Ramat Negev Desert Agro Research and Development Center

Our pioneers set the foundation for our Research and Development Center for Advanced Agriculture, which through experimentation, trials, and different technologies is pushing the envelope to bring more knowledge to arid land farmers in Israel and around the world.


The center also includes an International student program to teach innovative and advanced desert agriculture techniques to students from all over the world. To date, we have hosted hundreds of students from counties like Vietnam, Miramar, Jamaica, Guatemala, and others. 


Diverse Agriculture Products

Ramat Negev farmers grow a wide variety of crops including 70% of the Israeli cherry tomato produce, olives, strawberries, dairy products, wine grapes, exotic mushrooms, blueberries, pineapples, Asian greens, potatoes, and much more - all on arid land. 

The Largest Regional Council in Israel

Ramat Negev is the largest regional council in Israel, covering over 4.2 million Dunams - 22% of the state of Israel.

We are known for our advanced desert agriculture technologies and systems. The Ramat Negev R&D Agro Center provides facilities and mentorship to local farmers. In fact, 80% of the Israeli cherry tomatoes market comes from our communities in the Nitzana cluster, and the innovative spirit of our farmers led them to create a wide variety of products ranging from blueberries, mushrooms, Asian greens, strawberries, and pineapples to olive oil and wine.

Ramat Negev, and the entire Negev region, have a historical role in shaping the future representation of the State of Israel. Although the Negev region is 60% of Israel's territory, it is inhabited by only 8% of the country's population. The Negev must be a worthy alternative for the rapidly growing population in Israel, which is expected to exceed 15 million people by Israel's 100th birthday in 2048.

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Renewable Energy

Ramat Negev has become a leader in renewable energy, producing 45% of the renewable energy utilized by Israel. Our state-of-the-art renewable energy enterprise includes three major solar energy plants located near the village of Ashalim.

Wine Making

Ramat Negev Winery produces over 400,000 bottles of wine per year and combines the vine growing and winemaking methods of the old world with new technologies. The vine growing and winemaking methods include intervention throughout the growing and winemaking processes of the grapevine – we used meticulous pruning and advanced equipment to make the growing environment suitable for the grapevine. The process includes artificial watering and enriching the land with minerals, fertilizers, and all of the necessary elements for the grapevine.

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Fresh Cow Milk

Dairy Farms

Ramat Hanegev produces 20 million liters of milk annually.


The brackish water desalination plant produces 3.5 million cubic meters of high-quality available water for local communities and in agriculture.

Plant & Irrigation System
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