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What do we offer?

We help entrepreneurs reach long-term sustainability by providing an early opportunity for commercial-scale research, funding, mentorship, and support.

A unique model for supporting applied commercial agriculture research alongside strategic business guidance: mentoring startup companies in the fields of agritech and desert tech, from the concept stage to global market penetration.

  • Develop growth strategies together with startups for traction and increased sales throughout their scale-up process

  • Provide proof of concept through professional research and strive to improve IRL and reach product-channel fit

  • Develop a go-to-market strategy, reach the first customers, and develop market maturity

  1. International Collaborations 
    launching and participating in international knowledge-sharing programs to promote food security efforts around the world.

  2. Assistance With Grant Applications 
    Professional help in applying for innovation grants from various bodies: Israel Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture, Chambers of Commerce, the European Union, etc.

  3. Support and Training Programs
    Bootcamps and accelerators specifically tailored for the field of agritech in arid conditions. By focusing on growth metrics and strategies and increasing the investment readiness levels of startups, we connect new startups with potential investors to ensure enhanced deal flows.

  4. Knowledge Commercialization 
    Frontier serves as the innovation and commercialization arm of Ramat Negev R&D. As part of this service, it also assists independent companies that develop products for arid lands.

Exclusive Services

A Bridge to Israeli Agritech Innovation

We provide clients with exclusive access to the Israeli agritech ecosystem. 

We start by defining and understanding the needs of your region, country, and community. We then scout for promising Israeli startups in the fields of agritech using our long-standing connections with academic institutions, industry leaders, VCs, regional agricultural facilities, and the large community of farmers. Next, we filter through the companies with our interdisciplinary team of scientists, economists, and entrepreneurs. Our team refines the list down to a curated cohort of high-quality candidates. Lastly, we manage introductions with chosen companies through conventions, online meetings, delegations, showcases, and more. 

Bootcamps and Accelerators

Israel’s innovators and entrepreneurs are known for their unique way of thinking.

Our Bootcamps and Accelerators provide opportunities for agritech innovators to work alongside Israeli professionals. The programs provide a direct pipeline to the Israeli agritech research ecosystem and Israeli industry leaders. This gives you the edge you need to thrive in the competitive world of startups and provides the tools you need to implement new technology in your industry and region. 


Accelerator duration: 2 months

Bootcamp duration: 2 weeks 

Pricing of these services varies, please contact us to receive a quote. 

The Delegation Program

Our Delegation Program consists of hosting business networking events and think tanks in Israel and abroad, allowing you to develop innovative solutions by stimulating fresh, new perspectives. 

Visiting Delegations 

Our delegations are comprised of CEOs and CTOs of successful Israeli agritech startups. The delegations travel to your communities and provide local industries with direct access to technology that can transform their operation, leading to higher crop yields and better food security. 

Hosting Delegations in our Facilities 

We also host delegations of international entrepreneurs. Our tailored approach will provide participants with unprecedented networking opportunities and market access. We take into account the field and needs of the entrepreneurs in order to make the most beneficial introductions possible.

Pricing of these services varies, please contact us to receive a quote. 

Agritech Efficiency Consulting

Just as we have done in Ramat Negev, we can help turn other dryland regions into thriving agricultural ecosystems. Dozens of years of experience allow us to advise on your projects in agritech and food security. Our team of experts can address specific local problems including:

  • Implementing the use of innovative products 

  • Testing and acclimatizing varieties of fruits and vegetables 

  • Streamlining irrigation and fertilization 

  • Reducing manual labor costs

  • Optimizing farm management and agricultural procedure 


Pricing of these services varies, please contact us to receive a quote. 

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