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Building multi-generational wealth
by increasing our technology footprint worldwide

Arieli Capital is a multifaceted investment firm focused on being an active investor in the next generation of technology companies. Arieli continuously strives to identify and support companies creating a real impact while keeping financial returns as the primary objective. Arieli is also a recognized global leader in innovation with deep governmental, academic, and corporate relationships and partnerships. Arieli Capital operates four core businesses: Arieli Family Office, Arieli Innovation, Arieli Advisory, and Arieli Innovation Fund. The Arieli team is primarily based in Israel, with offices in New York and London.


Investing in Our Graduates
From Past Scale-Ups


An AI-powered parenting platform that provides community support through hyper-personalized connections and content.


Innovative wireless phone charger, ensuring quality sleep by blocking 95% of electromagnetic radiation and blue light.


Plant-based peptides drug for autoimmune diseases. Educating the human immune system not to attack itself. Proven on animal models in Rheumatoid Arthritis.


A no-code mapping platform that allows destinations to quickly and easily create and share 3D interactive mapping experiences.

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