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Our 8 AgriTech startup graduates are valued at over $150M and represent five countries,

Our graduates have participated in hundreds of business meetings with industry leaders and investors, utilizing Arieli Capital's support and network to drive pilots, commercial deals, and investments. Join our future success!

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ALVÁ changes water molecular structure, allowing farmers to use all available water sources without harming the soil.

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A biotech startup offering completely organic, biodegradable natural wrapping methods without using plastics.


Management systems, IoT, and robotics optimize indoor agriculture, improving productivity and efficiency.

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A precision agriculture platform turning commercial orchards and vineyards into the issuance of high-quality carbon credits.


A holistic Hydroponic system for commercial cultivation of herbs and greens for small-medium farms and urban agriculture.


Providing farmers clear quantitative recommendations by utilizing hardware and software for data collection and analysis.

Heavy-duty autonomous robots with proprietary computer vision and AI combatting labor shortages and costs.

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Combining proteomics & and bioinformatics based on breast milk bio-similarity to create proteins from milk and plants.

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